Learn how to make your own fresh paneer and then enjoy cooking up your very own paneer dish....mouthwatering and melt in your mouth good!

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Food and Love are two of the same. Balance the heat, the spice, the sweet and you will be delighted with a colourful aromatic dish to enjoy together! How many times have you both wanted to do something different for Valentines Day? Learn something together that will never expire but allow you to enjoy a great skill together. Forget chocolates, restaurant reservations and yet another gift and book you and your loved one in for a bespoke PRIVATE cookery class for two in your very own home.

Sold By My Curry Club UK
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Learn the art of cooking a succulent soft juicy Lamb Bhuna using fresh ingredients, blending your own spices and smelling the aroma of an authentic curry like never before.

Sold By My Curry Club UK