You will be introduced to professional chocolate tasting methods and confection making. We will teach you how to adapt our methods to make chocolate at home, using basic kitchen equipment.

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ChocoChallenge is an ultimate experience for groups, as it combines creativity, team work and ingenuity while having fun and connecting with friends and family.

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Treat yourself and a friend to an afternoon of crafting a selection of chocolatey delights in South London

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The vibrant and bustling Covent Garden is home to many of London’s best bits including Hotel Chocolat’s rustic Cocoa Vaults

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You and your fellow chocolate lover can take your obsession to the next level with a tasting adventure at the renowned Hotel Chocolat

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Enjoy an evening of fine wine and premium chocolate tasting with this workshop in South London

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Many Chocolate Making classes in London to choose from starting from only £30. Featuring the top cookery schools with lowest prices. Experience a variety of cuisine and learn from the best London has to offer. Cooking lessons make the ideal gift experience!