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  • Truffles Full Workshop

Truffles Full Workshop

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R&M fine chocolate is a family business and a dream come true for Raanan, the head chocolatier.

Raanan, previously a senior officer in an international chemical factory, discovered the amazing world of tastes, pleasures and fun of chocolate.

Soon he start making chocolate products as a hobby. For few years he learned the art of chocolate and made it a way of life.

At R&M Fine Chocolate we are making our product with lots of LOVE using only natural ingredients Without any preservatives.

For special events we have product with natural fruits. This combination of fresh fruits and high quality chocolate creates a mix of tastes and smells, you can not resist the temptation of taking more and more and more !!!

Our workshops are based on independent work, real learning, and the love of chocolate. Our workshops and parties are suitable for all ages as young as five up to one hundred and twenty. We are working with children, youth, adults and senior citizens.

We are adapting our product to the occasion, season and of course the client's request. Our workshops are tailored to our customers. Together we are building a workshop or/and a party so it will be great chocolate celebration.

Our goal is to spread the wonders of chocolate all aroundus.

All our products are Kosher under the supervision of Manchester Beth Din.

Remember: Chocolate does not ask silly questions chocolate understands!

Class details 

In this workshop we will go through the all process of truffles making. We will work by hands so we will get dirty from cocoa powder and chocolate. This is why every one will get disposal apron.
At first we will temper the chocolate, we will make the ganach.
At this point we will have a break to let the ganash to set. At this time we will have chocolate drink, some words about the history and production processes of chocolate.
The break is about 30 min.
After the break we will learn how to roll, coat at decorat the truffles.
This workshop is great for company event, group meeting and parties. Which can use the break for eating, speeching, dancing or just for fun.


At a glance

2,5 hours
Time of the day: 
Morning, Afternoon
Beginner, Intermediate
Good for: 
Couples, Families, Groups, Singles

At the end every one will take his/her creations (about 25 truffles) to share with family and friends.

Need to know

You can receive a full refund up to 7 days before event