£65 for 1
  • 1 Day Beer Brewing Masterclass for 1 - Brighton
  • 1 Day Beer Brewing Masterclass for 1 - Brighton
  • 1 Day Beer Brewing Masterclass for 1 - Brighton
  • 1 Day Beer Brewing Masterclass for 1 - Brighton
  • 1 Day Beer Brewing Masterclass for 1 - Brighton
  • 1 Day Beer Brewing Masterclass for 1 - Brighton
  • 1 Day Beer Brewing Masterclass for 1 - Brighton
  • 1 Day Beer Brewing Masterclass for 1 - Brighton

1 Day Beer Brewing Masterclass for 1 - Brighton

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Hi there Home Brew Heroes!

We are Josh and Simon, and this is our company, Home Brew Depot. We are an All-grain home brewing products and events company located in the heart of London. If you want to brew beer, we can help!

We supply everything you could ever need to brew at home; from absolute beginners to potential brewery competitiors, we are always on hand to advise and support. We have an ever growing product range to cover every beer style, as well as courses to teach you the basics.

To start, there are our brew schools - a one day class where you can learn everything there is to know about brewing beautiful beer in the comfort of your own home! We talk, drink and make beer, and everyone gets to take a gallon home! Not bad. We currently have schools located in Homerton, Hackny Wick and Brighton.

As well as the schools, we have also developed and designed 'The Micro Batch Beer Brewing Kit', which is an all in one, incredibly simple to use all grain beer brewing kit. It uses the same ingredients and same processes as some of the UK's best microbreweries, but on a smaller scale! Designed for those of us with not much space, but with plenty of creativity and thirst for good beer!

Dedicated to all things home brew, we strive to teach you the skills you need to brew your own beer whilst supplying you with the best quality and incredibly affordable ingredients and equipment. This is our ethos, and our promise.

As well as the skills we teach, we are also a community, slowly building a big family of home-brewers who can come to our creative spaces and swap skills and tips. Sometimes we get our friends from the breweries to come down and demonstrate how they began - by their love of home brewing and making their own! We are the HOME BREW HEROES (#homebrewhero)

 Established in Late 2014, we are here for all your brewing needs and are always at hand to help. 

As Co-founders, we are not only beer specialists and beer lovers, but also keen home-brewers ourselves. We make it top priority to sell only the freshest ingredients and most affordable well made equipment; the same as what we use ourselves.

Class details 

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at making your own beer from scratch? With our dedicated all-grain brewing school you can! Come spend the day making your own beer with one of our master brewers as they walk you through the home brewing process.

The day includes:

Explanation of all the processes, equipment & ingredients. What do we use to make beer?
Your own brewing instructions - take away all the information including the recipe which you've followed in the class so you can make your own beer again at home.
We provide all the equipment already set up - at the end of the day you take home a 1 gallon demijohn (4.6l) of beer ready to start fermenting!
Over the course of the day we will sample a variety of beers, with an explanation of each style, flavours & origins throughout.
A late lunch is included in the ticket price, and varies from site to site - 
At The Adam & Eve choose between award winning Cornwall Project Beef Burgers or Root Veg Mash Burgers (vegan options available). 


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4,5 hours
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Couples, Groups, Singles

Price includes lunch, beer tasting and beer you've brewed which you take home

Need to know

Each ticket is redeemable within three months of purchase and can be used at any of our brew school sites

Upon purchasing a voucher, the host will get in touch with you to arrange a suitable date and time for your class.

Please bring your voucher with you when attending the class

You can receive a full refund up to 30 days before event
Vouchers are valid for 12 Months